'Recent Events' Module

The 'Recent Events' module displays a stream of activity that has occurred within Chaser in the past two weeks. Events are time-stamped on the left-hand side of the module. You can scroll down the module to see earlier events.

Events can contain hyperlinks, which will link you directly to the relevant part of Chaser. Hyperlinks are shown with blue text.




Events currently included within the ChaseFeed module are:

  • When a user pauses Chaser overall using the option within 'Settings'
    • Event: <user> paused/resumed Chaser
  • When a user pauses Chaser until a specific date, using the option within 'Settings
    • Event<user> paused Chaser until <selected date>
  • When a new customer has an invoice raised in the accounting system and gets assigned to a schedule within Chaser
    • Event: New customer assigned to schedule <schedule name>: <customer name>
  • When a new customer has a contact added within the accounting system
    • Event: Contact added for <customer name>: <new contact name>
  • When a customer replies directly to a Chaser
    • Event: Reply from <contact name> at <customer name>: <invoice number> 
  • When a sender of chasers responds to an email that is a reply to a chaser.
    • Event: Response from <user name> to <customer name>: <invoice number>
  • When a user of chaser adds a note within the 'invoice history' on the 'invoice page'
    • Event: Note added by <user name> for <customer name>: <invoice number>


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