'Last Scheduled Chase' Module


The 'Last Scheduled Chase' module displays summary information about the last chasers that were sent from your organisation, excluding 'chase now's'. The monetary amount is converted and displayed in your accounting systems base currency.




  • 'Paid': includes any invoice that was paid since the last scheduled chase went out (e.g. out of the 4 invoices that got chased in the above example, how many got paid)
  • 'Unopened': is the amount of invoices that did not get tracked as opened in the last chase
  • 'Bounced': is the amount of invoices that didn't get successfully delivered within the last Chase

All text highlighted in blue are hyperlinks, and will link directly to the 'invoice tab' with the relevant invoices filtered. For example, if I want to see which 4 invoices were chased in my last chase, clicking the hyperlink will result in the below screenshot.



Similarly, clicking on the amount of 'Unopened', 'Bounced' or 'Paid' invoices will link directly to the invoices tab with only those invoices filtered.


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