'Upcoming Chase' Module

The 'Upcoming Chase' module displays summary information about the next scheduled chasers due to be sent out. It will also flag any invoices that cannot be chased ("Unchaseable"). All monetary amounts are converted into your accounting systems base currency.


  • 'Missing names': are any invoices that are scheduled to be chased but are missing a contact first name. This wont stop a chase going out, but will mean no name is entered in the body of the email.
  • 'Missing email addresses': are the invoices that are scheduled to be chased but cannot be chased until an email address is entered into your bookkeeping system.
  • 'End of Schedule': are invoices that will no longer be chased because they have reached the end of the schedule they are on. Settings > Schedules 

All text that is highlighted in blue are hyperlinks, and will link directly to the 'invoice tab' showing you which invoices are being referred to.



If you have any questions we're always ready to help via support@chaserhq.com or you can check our Help Centre at any time.

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