'Upcoming Chase' Module

The 'Upcoming Chase' module displays summary information about the next scheduled chasers due to be sent out. It will also flag any invoices that cannot be chased ("Unchaseable"). All monetary amounts are converted into your accounting systems base currency.



  • 'Missing names': are any invoices that are scheduled to be chased but are missing a contact name, this does not prevent the invoice from being chased, but it does mean the chasers will not be addressed to a specific person in the body text.
  • 'Missing email addresses': are invoices that cannot be chased because they are missing a contact email address
  • 'End of Schedule': are invoices that cannot be chased because they have reached the end of the schedule they are set up on ('Settings'>'Schedules').


All text that is highlighted in blue are hyperlinks, and will link directly to the 'invoice tab' with the relevant invoices filtered. For example, if I want to see which 3 invoices are currently 'unchaseable', clicking the hyperlink will result in the below screenshot.




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