The Report Page

The Chaser Report is a summary report of all of your currently outstanding customer accounts and their invoices. It can be accessed through the ‘Reports’ tab within the grey navigation bar.


Invoices are nested under customers and can be accessed by ‘expanding’ the individual customer or by clicking the ‘expand’ button in the header of the report (between 'Customer' and 'Status').


The Chaser Report consists of nine columns:

  • Customer: The customer’s organisation name as well as invoices once expanded
  • Status: Whether the customer / invoice is currently being chased or not
  • DvD: The customer’s days versus due date for paid invoices
  • Days: The number of days overdue (or until due) an invoice currently is
  • Outstanding: The outstanding amount for a customer / invoice
  • Expected: The invoice's expected payment date
  • Next Chase: The number, and date of the next chaser due to go out
  • Last Chase: The number, and date of the last chaser that was sent out
  • Notes & Replies: The last 5 notes, replies or responses against the relevant invoice as logged in 'Invoice History'

The report can be accessed in-app or downloaded as an excel file. Refreshing the report will cause Chaser to update with new information from your accounting system.

If you have any questions we're always ready to help via or you can check our Help Centre at any time.


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