Entering Expected Payment Dates

You can enter expected payment dates through the 'Invoice Page' within Chaser. This will save the expected date within Chaser against the relevant invoice.

Navigate to the ‘invoice page’ by clicking on the relevant invoice number in the 'Invoices' tab or from the 'Chaser Report'. You can then select the expected payment date using the in-built calendar, located at the bottom of the 'Key Facts' table.




If the 'don't chase prior to any expected payment date' setting is checked within 'Settings' > 'General', then no scheduled chasers will be sent for the relevant invoice until the specified expected payment date has lapsed (at which point chasers will resume automatically).

For Xero Users

If using Xero as your accounting system, the expected payment date will push into Xero and be saved against the relevant invoice. However, there are cases in which this will not be possible:

  • The invoice has a part payment, prepayment or credit note applied against it within your accounting system
  • The invoice was created within an active 'lock period' within your accounting system

If these cases occur, the expected payment date will be saved within Chaser but NOT updated in Xero. Chaser will notify you if this occurs.



 If you have any questions we're always ready to help via support@chaserhq.com or you can check our Help Centre at any time.


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