Plans and pricing

Chaser is free for a trial period of 14 days. After this it's priced according to the number of invoices you chase each month.

Information about our price plans can be found here.

We charge on a monthly basis for each organisation.

Your subscription price depends on how many invoices you choose to chase per month. Even if you have many invoices but you only want to chase some of them, that's fine by us! The price only reflects the invoices which are actively chased in a given month. 

Please note that only the chasers which have been sent before your invoice has been fully paid count towards the number of invoices you chase, while your “thank you” chaser emails don’t.

The Basic and Standard plan have limited features

The Basic plan only allows you to have a maximum of one sender assigned (meaning chasers can only be sent from one email address selected under ‘Email’, there can be no normal/escalated division of senders or other email addresses cc’d into chasers). The number of users is limited to two, and you may have a maximum of eight templates and one schedule. The Basic plan is designed for organisations with small chasing needs.

The Standard plan allows a maximum of four senders assigned  (meaning it will allow access to escalation using a normal and escalated sender, but the amount of senders you can select as cc’d is limited). The number of users is limited to four, and there is no limit to the amount of templates and schedules used.

The Professional & Enterprise plan have no limits on feature usage, and the enterprise plan allows unlimited invoices chased each month.

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