What is the partner program


Our partner program rewards firms based on the number of Chaser-using clients you have. If you introduce 3 or more clients we will immediately switch you to a free plan as soon as the third organisation you introduced exits trial and starts paying for their own subscription.
Additionally, you will receive partner margin from 15-30%, depending on the partner level.

Please click here for the benefits of the different partner levels.


If you add a client in Chaser, it will add to the number of organisations you have as a partner. If one of your clients connects their organisation to Chaser independently, you can still get credit for them under our partner program. Please email us at partner@chaserhq.com with the details of the client organisation.

We appreciate some of our partners will want to bundle their clients’ Chaser subscription into their single fee. At the same time others will want clients to pay for their Chaser usage themselves. With our billing system you can do either:

  • If you pay for your clients’ subscriptions: you will receive one monthly invoice for your cumulative subscriptions with your partner margin netted against this.
  • If some or all of your clients pay for their own subscriptions: your partner margin will first be netted against your cumulative subscriptions (if any). Any excess partner margin will then be rebated to you.

We calculate rebates on a monthly basis, and will send you a notification of any payouts you are eligible for within the first 14 days of every month.

Upon becoming a bronze level partner, you may be billed out-of-cycle for the pro-rated price of your current plan. However after that you will only pay for your clients' subscriptions, where you are paying for them yourself.
If the total monthly subscriptions you are paying for exceed your card limit, please contact us at partner@chaserhq.com.

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