Managing your default schedule

Your default schedule is the schedule that all new customers you invoice will be automatically assigned to. New invoices are assigned to the schedule the invoice’s customer is currently on. We indicate your current default schedule by placing it at the top of your schedule list 
In order to change your default schedule, first select another schedule from your list of schedules. If you don’t currently have any other schedules, please see the Creating Schedules article for help with making a new one.
Next, select your new schedule and open its menu by clicking its name in the heading of the main panel. Select the option to ‘make default schedule’.
Finally, in the confirm dialog that appears, choose whether or not you would also like to move customers and invoices on the current default schedule to your new one, and then click the appropriate button to set your new schedule as the default.
Now any new customers you invoice will automatically be added to your new schedule. To add customers and invoices to different schedules, please see the Adding Customers/Invoices to a Schedule article.
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