Paid chasers

When an invoice has been paid, an email thanking the customer for paying can be sent automatically on the next weekday at your normal chase time. This means that if your chase time is set for Fridays at 10:00 and an invoice is marked as fully paid on Tuesday, a “thanks for paying” is sent Wednesday at 10:00.

"Thanks for paying" messages will be sent not only for invoices that are set to be chased, but also for invoices that are set not to be chased as long as the target customer(s) of those invoices are set to be chased. This means that even if you do not wish to chase the invoice before it has been marked as paid, an acknowledgement of the payment will still be sent to your customer on your behalf once it has been marked as paid.

To set paid chasers

  1. Select a schedule
  2. Go to Paid

  3. In the drop-down, select the “thanks for paying” template

    3a. You can also select a combined “thanks for paying” template - this will aggregate the invoices paid on the same day under the same email

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