Customer page

The customer page can be accessed by going to Invoices or Customers then clicking on a customer name.


The customer page will pull contact information through from your accounting system including who the 'main contact' is, phone (and mobile if applicable) number and the customer's postal address.



You will also see a representation of total outstanding and overdue amounts for the customer on the right hand side of the screen.



The customers 'history' is a log of recent communication and notes history for that customer. All notes added either at the customer, or invoice level, will be visible within the customer history. The history is limited to the most recent 30 events, and events that happened within the last month.




The customers 'recipients' are where you can select which customer contact's will receive automated chasers ('normal', 'escalated', and 'cc') and choose to 'cc' contacts in. 


The 'invoices' tab will show a mini-display of the invoices for that customer, similar to searching the customer on the 'Invoices' main tab.Screen_Shot_2017-11-23_at_7.17.53_pm.png


You can Add or Edit contact information for that customer, which will link through to your accounting system.



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