Setting chase time

Under Settings > Timings you can select at which time of the day and day of the week your chasers are sent. For example, assume that you have a chaser set for 7 days after due date and that falls on a Wednesday. If you don’t have chasing times set for Wednesdays, the chaser will instead be sent on your next chase day.

You can select more than one chase day by holding Ctrl- or ⌘- and clicking on the days. It is possible to enable chasing on public holidays by ticking ‘Chase on public holidays’.

We recommend that you reconcile your Xero account on your chase day(s) before your chase time so that we have the up to date information about what has been paid and what hasn't. This ensures that chasers will not be sent regarding invoices that have already been paid.

Note: If you opt to use Chase Now for an invoice, the chaser will be sent immediately regardless of the timings you configured.

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