Creating a new template

Templates are used to customise the email that is automatically sent from Chaser to your customers. Chaser provides 8 templates to start with as standard in your organisation.

To access templates go into settings > templates. 


To create a new template from scratch select "Create a new template"

You are then prompted to name this template, give it a simple name that you can find when adding it to your schedules.


Once you click OK you are then given the new template screen. In here you will need to add the text to the email that you want to send out. 

The text section is the body of the email, the placeholders on the right relate to the information we are copying from the bookkeeping system to customise the email to relate to the relevant invoice. More information on placeholders can be found here.


You can then attach the invoice from your bookkeeping system and the statement from Chaser by clicking the relevant box at the bottom. This will include the relevant invoice and statement for that customer with every chase.

Once happy click Save.

If you have any questions we're always ready to help via or you can check our Help Centre at any time.


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