Invoice page

The invoice page can be accessed via the invoices overview page, the customer page and invoices or via clicking on the invoice number after it comes up in the ChaseFeed.


By clicking on the blue link you are then taken into the invoice page.


This page provides you with up to date invoice information including, which schedule the invoice belongs to who the customer is and how many chasers you have sent as well as information on the customer.

For more information on the "Expected payment date" click here.

You can add notes straight from this screen which will stay against the invoice until after that has been paid. 

The invoice history refers to all the conversation that has been sent through Chaser regarding this invoice. We automatically save the chasers that you send, as well as all the replies to those emails, so you can always consult the conversation history at any time. 

The history is colour-coded as follows:

  • Orange: chasers sent by us
  • Yellow: customer replies
  • Blue: your replies to customer
  • Pink: your notes

In this history you can also expand the last chase so you can see what message was sent and to who. You also then will know if the chase was opened and who by.


If you have any questions we're always ready to help via or you can check our Help Centre at any time.

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