Editing a template

Chaser provide 8 templates to get you started with all Chaser organisations, you are welcome to use these or feel free to make any changes.

To edit a template go into settings > templates > select the drop down option


Here you can see the existing templates within your system. 

To edit a template select the template you want to change which will open it. Here you can use the text field to edit the body of the email as well as the placeholders to choose what information is copied from your bookkeeping system.


You can also add and remove the attachments which include the PDF of the invoice from your bookkeeping system and the PDF statement from Chaser.

Click "Preview" to see an example of the email when you have finished editing. Placeholders are highlighted in bold.


Once happy select "Save" and your template will be saved to be used in your schedules.

If you have any questions we're always ready to help via support@chaserhq.com or you can check our Help Centre at any time.


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