Customers overview page

On the Customers overview page you will find a list of all your customers that either have unpaid invoices or have settled at least one invoice in the last month.

Here there are two tabs:

  • “Chasing”, where you’ll see a list of customers for whom chasing is enabled.
  • “Not chasing”, where you’ll see a list of customers that won’t be chased.

When you first connect your organisation to Chaser all of your customers are set to “Chasing” by default.

There are two ways of changing the chasing status of your customers:

  • You can use the bulk update button, which allows you to set all of your customers to “Chasing” or “Not chasing” with a single click, or
  • Your can change the chasing status of individual customers.

Start or stop chasing all of your customers (bulk update)

To bulk update your customers, use the Set all to ‘Not chasing’ and Set all to ‘Chasing’ buttons.



Set all to ‘Not chasing’

When you click Set all to ‘Not chasing’, all of your customers are moved to the “Not chasing” tab. All invoices are also moved to the “Not chasing” tab and will not be chased.

Set all to ‘Chasing’

When you click the Set all to ‘Chasing’ button, the customers that are currently not being chased, as well as their invoices, are moved to the “Chasing” tab.

Start or stop chasing individual customers

On the Customers page, use the Start chasing and Stop chasing buttons on the right of a customer’s name to enable or disable chasing for that specific customer.


All of the customer’s invoices will also be set to “Chasing” or “Not chasing”, accordingly.

View the details of a single customer

On the Customers page, click on a customer’s name to view their full details. For more information please see this Help Center article.

Also on the Customers page, click Show invoices to view all invoices for a specific customer



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