Setting Thresholds

The ‘Thresholds’ functionality allows you to create an alert in Chaser when a customers outstanding invoices reach a certain value. This is based on a percentage of a value and you can have multiple alerts and up to 3 different percentages.

This is set on the customer page, accessible by clicking on the relevant customer’s name on the ‘Customers’ or ‘Invoices’ tab. You can choose to edit a customer’s threshold by clicking ‘Edit’ to the left of the ‘Threshold’.




You can also choose to set a default Threshold for your organisation, so that all new customers are assigned the same Threshold.  When doing so, it is possible to set that threshold for all current customers using the relevant checkbox.




When a limit is reached, all users will receive a notification via email and on ChaseFeed. The email notifications can be turned off by clicking on your username in the right hand corner of the navigation bar, then selecting 'My Account', then 'Notifications'. 


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