Invoices overview page

On the invoices overview page you will find a list of all your invoices that are overdue as well as those that have been paid in the last month.

Here there are three tabs:

  • “Chasing”, where you’ll see a list of invoices where chasing is enabled.
  • “Not chasing”, where you’ll see a list of invoices that won’t be chased.
  • "Paid", where you see the list of all invoices paid in the last month.

To change the status of an invoice simply select the "Stop chasing" or "Start chasing" button, more information can be found here


This overview shows you a summary of all the invoices that are outstanding, you are alerted as well to any that are missing email addresses which allows you to filter and quickly make relevant changes.

  • Invoice No - shows you the invoice number as pulled from your bookkeeping system and can be clicked on for more information.
  • Customer - gives you the link to the customer page for that relevant customer.
  • Due - shows the due date for this invoice
  • Outstanding - is the total amount still outstanding on the invoice
  • Next chase - by hovering your mouse over the template named you can see what message will be sent out during your next chase
  • Chase now - sends out an email straight away, more information here
  • Stop chasing - will stop chasing the invoice


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