Receivables Page

The Receivables page (accessible through the main navigation bar) is the primary way to manage your chasing activity. It has two distinct ways to view information;  'Customers' or 'Invoices'.


The 'Customers' view is the default view when you navigate to the 'Receivables' tab. You can select either the 'Customers' or 'Invoices' view using the tabs.


The customer view will display all customers pulling through from your accounting system. It will provide you with summary information about their overdue and outstanding amounts, as well as access to a subtable of their invoices. To find out more about the Customer View, you can find the relevant help centre article here.


The invoices view will display all outstanding invoices by default (you can also filter to see paid invoices). If you would like to find out more about the Invoices View, you can find the relevant help centre article here.




The Export button allows you to download the Receivables page information via XLS file to a spreadsheet.

 You can choose to download the customer or invoice view of this; the information on these sheets differs as below: 


Customer XLS




Invoice XLS





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