Chase Now

Chase Now

The 'Chase Now' functionality allows you to send a chase email outside of your standard timings, regardless of whether they are marked as chasing or not chasing.

To find the chase now button,  go to the Receivables page > Invoice view and click the three grey dots next to the invoice you wish to chase. ‘Chase Now’ will appear as an option in the dropdown:

If your customer is missing a contact email address 'Chase Now' will be disabled until you add this in your accounting system.

This will open a module allowing you to then pick the template that you will be sending out. If the invoice is already chasing, the text box will automatically fill with the next scheduled template. If there is no ‘next scheduled chase’ this will autofill the first template on your list.

From here, you can use the 'template' dropdown to choose an alternative template and edit the chaser as you see fit.

Below the text box you can choose to attach the relevant invoice or customer statement using the checkboxes:

Initially, your 'normal' senders and recipients  will be selected by default.


You can edit which senders and recipients you would like by selecting ‘Edit’ and selecting the relevant buttons for to/from and cc:


If you choose not to edit the chaser, it will be sent in place of your next scheduled chase. To turn this functionality off and keep the same next chase, you can uncheck this option at the bottom of the Chase Now module:


Once you are happy with your edits and settings click ‘Send chaser’.



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