Outstanding amount graph

This graph displays the current outstanding and overdue amounts in your accounts. It also provides an aged breakdown of your overdue debt.

Hovering over the bars in this graph, will reveal the exact amounts represented by the bars and the number of invoices this concerns.


Selecting one of the aged debt bars will redirect you to the Invoices tab with the relevant aged debt filter applied. You can also edit and apply aged debt filters from Receivables > Invoices > Filters > Aged debt



Generating the Outstanding amount graph

The numbers displayed in the Outstanding amount graph are updated as of the last sync with your accounting system. There is an automatic hourly sync, but you can also trigger an immediate sync by selecting the 'Sync now' button in the top right-hand corner. 

For currency conversions, the graph uses the most up-to-date exchange rate at the time of generating.

If you have any other questions or feedback on this report, get in touch at support@chaserhq.com.

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